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As our name suggests, Goat’s Own® goat’s milk soap uses only natural ingredients and the milk is obtained from our own goats (not powdered substitutes).

We use only sustainable products including Palm Oil and believe in giving our customers the opportunity to buy natural and ecologically friendly goat’s milk soap.

Goat’s milk is known to contain alpha hydroxy acids, proteins and Vitamin A and E that regenerate skin cells and nourish the skin. Goat’s milk also contains lactic acid which helps exfoliate and clean the while leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Goat’s milk also has a pH level very close to our own skin pH which makes our 100% natural goat’s milk soap gentle on even the most sensitive skin types including suffers of:

ul-arrow   Acne

ul-arrow   Rosacea

ul-arrow   Eczema

ul-arrow   Dermatitis

ul-arrow   Psoriasis